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Death just a body in a bad condition that moment…

From Wampeters, Foma, and Granfalloons: When I think about my own death, I don’t console myself with the idea that my descendants and my books and all that will live on.


What a success!  We had a fantastic group of bands, actors and artists as well as a high-energy audience that closed the loft at 208 down at 4am.  Vonnegut was present everywhere for new and old fans of his important and influential work.

War In Reverse

I figured this was out there somewhere.  A re-enactment of Vonnegut’s famous passage in Slaughter House Five (appropriately accompanied by some post-rock music) when Billy Pilgrim can’t sleep the night of his daughter’s wedding, knowing he would soon be abducted by the Tralfamadorians:

Beauty in War

In the few tragedies I’ve been a part of, and the ones I’ve seen from a distance, it always seems our best and worst natures become exposed.  It always seems to take the most dire of situations for everyone to align and help each other. 

Maniacs in the Fourth Dimension

Another book by Kilgore Trout (Vonnegut’s alter ego in many of his books) from Slaughter House Five is called Maniacs in the Fourth Dimension.

Spy Mind

The date’s been set for the Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Celebration and Tribute!

Breakfast of Champions Promo (read by Vonnegut)

The date’s been set for the Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Celebration and Tribute!

Vonnegut on My(porn)space

There was something poetic about looking Vonnegut up on myspace the other night.

Some More Bad Chemicals

More from Kilgore Trout in Breakfast of Champions:

Life is No Way to Treat an Animal

Kilgore Trout is one of Vonnegut’s most popular characters (and alter-egos), he’s a failed, disgruntled science fiction writer, whose work is featured only in the back of porn magazines.

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